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Sun doesn't always shine on teens who tan

Ashley Handy, 18, tans at J.R.'s tanning salon in Livonia, MI, year round. Despite the risks, Handy says she uses tanning beds at least once a week.
Photo by: Teagan Dillon

Self-tanners are a great alternative to the use of tanning beds because they don't have the same harmful effects.
Photo by: Teagan Dillon

Media causes mistaken notion of perfection

Sophomore Erin Gormley, pictured above, agrees that teens today are constantly pressured by the media to look a certain way.
Photo illustration by: Lilly Blake

Weapons of mass distraction

journalism pic 1.JPG

Sophomores Elizabeth Susitko, Claire Frankowski, Ava Zeremski and Freshman Luma Qashou acknowledge texting as a popular activity among teens, as they enjoy their cell phones after school hours. Connecting with friends and family is a simple task to complete via instant message.

Photo Illustration by: Sydney Hughes

journalism pic 2.JPG

"We have convinced ourselves of the importance of staying connected and of the need for others to hear from us immediately if not sooner," states the article Texting while driving: A killer of teen drivers. "We believe we can multi-task successfully in virtually all situation without consequences."

Photo by: Sydney Hughes

Something smells fishy

The term "catfish" is used to describe an online predator who creates fake profiles to engage in romantic relationships. These predators use a computer to mask their true identities. As technology advances, it becomes harder to split open the truth.
Photo animation by: Molly Lyons

now 018.JPG
Mercy High School Senior Bridget Lyons agrees that social media has the potential to be used as a dangerous tool. She feels that it is very important to have a "private" profile.
Photo by: Molly Lyons

Depression Journalism Final.jpg
"A study conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health discovered that a majority of people are able to hide their depression when they have outgoing, agreeable, and extroverted personality types." Photographed above: Maddie Jones,15, Mercy High School sophomore Photo Illustration by: Karina Lloyd

"As a high school counselor, [Trish] Brown sees students with both depression and depressive mood disorder daily. She and her fellow counselors work diligently to provide an environment in which 'many girls really value having someone in the building who is licensed, understands what they go through, and can offer them a space to talk through things or provide some means to cope during the school day.' "Photo By: Karina Lloyd

Staying up late, not all that great

Mercy High School freshman Bessie Mikula struggles to stay awake on the car ride to school in the morning, leaning against the black leather seats.
Photo by: Emma Kruse

After a stressful day at Mercy High School, freshman Bessie Mikula sinks into her Temperpedic mattress, snuggling up with her favorite plush comforter while the aroma of pine-tree scented candles fills the air.
Photo illustration by: Emma Kruse

Modern day attackers

Many teens who are victims of cyberbullying have a connection with the bully. One in three teens report that they have been cyberbullied.

Photo Illistration By: Jasmine Williams

Lauryn Boggs, a sophomore at Mercy High School, knowws the do's and dont's of using social media as a teen in todays society.
Photo By: Jasmine Williams

More TV, less tomorrows

Every other morning, Ihechi Ezuruonye faithfully watches her favorite TV shows. So dedicated, she is willing to take time out of her busy morning to view them.
Photo By: Janice Smith

Sleep deprivation is a major effect of adolescents who excessively stay up late to watch TV on school nights.
Photo Illustration By: Janice Smith

Hard to say no to GMOs

journalism pic - grape prices.JPG
Although organic food tends to cost more than conventional food, many people are willing to pay extra to know where their food comes from.
Photo by: Katherine Colleran

journ pic - apples.JPG
Some grocery stores, such as Whole Foods Market, specialize in organic and natural foods.
Photo by: Katherine Colleran

Why Aren't Teens Getting Enough Sleep?