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A Deadly Online Phenomenon

Every year an estimated one out of every three teens is bullied through the web. This can have numerous negative effects on teens, including eating disorders, depression and even suicide.
Photo illustration by: Eileen Pawlik

Studies show that those who cyber bully have most likely been a victim of cyber bullying. Little do they know
that their harmful words to one person may branch out to another.
Photo illustration by: Eileen Pawlik

Underage drinking, not so glamorous consequences

actual drink.jpg
Underage drinking can lead to alcohol poisoning, hangovers, alterations in the structure and function of the developing brain, and is a risk factor for heavy drinking later in life.

Photograph by: Brooklyn Rue
Nearly half of children by the time they have reached eighth grade have had at least one drink and over 20 percent say they have been "drunk".

Photo illustration by: Brooklyn Rue